12th Graders to participate in this year’s Art in the Attic Show and Sale

The Art in the Attic Show and Sale is once again here. Calling all artists and art enthusiasts alike to enjoy this breathtaking display of artistic expression as we celebrate this event once more. Surely, you are going to find something extraordinary and unique among the quality work being offered by the members of the Almonte and Area Artists Association at the show and sale event of the year. See works of art done in oil, watercolor, pastel and acrylic paints portraying things such as floral inspired paintings, landscapes, abstract or pictures of everyday life. Not only paintings and pictures but also crafts are displayed at the show as well. See fusion glass hangings, woodworks, potteries, framed miniature quilts and even high quality jewelry. Other examples of the selection of artwork are even accessible to the public. As it will all be showcased at the Old Town Hall.

The event is open to all who have an interest in arts and crafts. Even children can come and be exposed to the wonders of artistic expression. The displays will be showcased to the public and anyone who wishes to purchase them can do so. The event will only feature the best artworks and handicrafts so you are sure that you will witness only the finest at this year’s show and sale event. The opening night of the event will be on Friday, May 6th from 7 in the evening until 9. This year, the show and sale event invites the 12th grade students of the Almonte and District High School to participate alongside the reputable and emerging artists who are part of the Almonte and Area Artists Association.

The event will start on the 6th of May and will end on the 8th of May. This year’s show and sale even will be held at the The Old Town Hall at 14 Bridge Street, Almonte. So come and see striking works of art and craft only at the Art in the Attic Show and Sale.