About Barrie Ontario

Barrie’s humble beginnings can be traced back to when the First Nations People used the shores of Kempenfelt Bay as a resting place before traveling the route through the Lake Simcoe to Lake Huron. The War of 1812 increased the usage of the route, with British troops sneaking supplies behind American forces stationed at Detroit. As the war ended, settlers began to construct homes along the end of the portage, resulting in the creation of the first community that would become Barrie in the distant future. Signs and markers of British influence can be seen throughout the area, with many streets and roads named after British figures. Above all, the name of the city itself is a tribute to the British Admiral, Sir Robert Barrie.

As Barrie grew in size and population, resources began to be exported to neighboring communities. Huge trees that grew in the area were cut down and shipped to the British – to be used as masts for their ships, and for other buildings. Barrie was also busy during the winter season, with residents carving out large blocks of ice to be sent to southern cities for refrigeration purposes.

Fast forward to the future, Barrie currently has a population of over 130,000, with an economy and census that rises each year, making it one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. A perfect balance of tradition and innovation is what makes the city successful, but don’t take our word for it. Come on up to Barrie and see for yourself.