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Brampton Ontario | Brampton ON Information

Explore Brampton ONTARIO

In Brampton Ontario history mingles with modern infrastructure. There are many lush green landscapes, an extensive sport and recreation network and a spirited arts community. As Canada’s Flower City, Brampton showcases some of the most interesting and beautiful flowerbeds and floral displays in the province.

In 2008, Brampton was the International award winner in the prestigious Communities in Bloom Competition. Not only a beautiful city, Brampton has been recognized as a global leader in community safety, being the first municipality in the Greater Toronto Area, and one of only 10 in North America, to be designated as an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization.

The City of Brampton takes immense pride in our diverse community which creates an eclectic mix of restaurants and boutiques, festivals, performing and visual arts, museums, outstanding educational institutions, and abundant recreational opportunities facilitated by over 6,000 acres of parkland and open space.

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