About Celebration, Florida

Located in the northwest area of Osceola County in the Sunshine State of Florida, Celebration is a pleasant blend of residential areas ranging from traditional bungalows, cottages, and villages, to the more sophisticated condos, town homes, and manors.

The town is a mere 20-minute car ride from Downtown Orlando, making it an ideal choice for those who want to live in a community with a small-town feel that’s not too far from the city. However, that’s not to say that the town doesn’t come with the modern conveniences some of us just can’t do without today.

Celebration manages to combine factors such as healthcare, education, technology, and recreation into a community that boasts of a strong sense of self, making it unique from other communities in the country. This is successfully done thanks to the cooperation of various community organizations that each play a crucial role in making sure the town “stays together”, so to speak.

Celebration also plays host to a number of famous events, which include art shows, exotic car shows, concerts, and The Great American Pie Festival, which is regularly broadcasted on the Food Network. The community also has numerous tie-ups with Disney World throughout the year.

Come and pay us a visit here in Celebration and see for yourself what our community has to offer.

Map of Celebration Florida

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Celebration Florida Map