Gananoque Pirate Invasion



Pirates are returning to the 1000 Islands and the fair town of Gananoque to host the 2017 Gananoque Pirate Invasion!

Festival dates:
July 6, 7 & 8, 2018

Schedule of Events:

Friday July 6th 6pm to 9am
Tall Ships Youth Sleep-Over with Pirates in Joel Stone Park ( Open to Youth 11-13 years old and a parent that wish to rent an accommodation tent overnight on the Friday). Join Youth arriving from a sail on The Black Jack Tall Ship mooring at the Festival in a Treasure Hunt with Compass, play a Ships Signalling Game, Dress as a Pirate, Sing Sea Shanties around the fire and sleep under the stars! Breakfast in the morning and then a full day of fun at the festival! Go to for details regarding the Accommodation Tents or email: for details.

Saturday Festival Gates open – 10am-5:30pm

Letters of Mark with Treasure Maps are purchased for $2 at the gate for admission, and can be used to enter to win a fabulous prize if ye follows the map!

Horse drawn trolley will take festival goers between downtown and the festival site all day, while being entertained by a tall-tale telling and singing Pirate!

All Day enjoy pirate-inspired tasty foods, non-alcoholic beverages, local craft beers and grog in the Thirsty Bones Pirate Pub (licensed – onsite) – All ages welcome until festival close (5:30pm) and then Pub re-opens for 19+ visitors for night time show.

All day – pirate activities, games, and interactive exhibits to participate in across the encampment. Visit the Mermaid Grotto, Learn about Ship to Ship Battles and Armaments, Send a Secret Message by Ship to Ship Signals across the Encampment and get a reply back!, Interact with a crew of scallywag pirate characters – both French and English Speaking – will interact with and tell ye about their fine selves and life as a pirate on the high seas and Canada!

Come join the Pirate Invasion and lets go back in time together to 1691 – the Golden Era of Pirates!

All Day Continuous Activities include:
– Mermaid Grotto
– A French Quarter, with old-fashioned card and board games, open-fire French Bread cooking, stories of French Pirates, French Pirate Music and More!
– Cannon Ball Run Game
– Save The Ship game
– Tug-A-War with the pirates
– Swashbuckling story telling
– Fortune Telling
– Capt’n Tor’s Cooperative Mercantile
– Walk-the-plank
– Knot Tying
– Pirate Face painting
– Krakens & Rigging game
– Digging for treasure
– Local Merchants & Vendors
– Speciality Pirate and Period-historical Vendors

Send a message bottle fer additional details if ye be itchin’ ta sign up fer a higher level of participation as a volunteer in this event :

Set up of the Encampment will occur Wednesday 2pm onward, Thursday, and Friday (August 16-18) Pirate Society and Volunteer folks are a huge help in getting the tents raised and ready! Make yer mark below ta let us know if ye can assist even fer a couple hours ta help set up!


Date : July 6, 2018 at 6pm

Event location : Joel Stone Heritage Park, Gananoque, ON K7G 2M5 

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