Three nights of amazing music at the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival

The 9th annual Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival is coming and you have to be there.  This breathtaking musical event will be happening on the 2nd until the 5th of June 2011. The best thing about considering to come is that you have the chance to win one of the two incredible prize packages which will allow you and one friend to exclusively enjoy and bask in the wonderful and picturesque sights, sounds and tastes of this highly awaited event. Have the chance to win one two-weekend getaways for two. The event will be a thoroughly prepared celebration of jazz and blues music. Jazz and blues enthusiast and everyone else is warmly welcome to attend the annual event.

The first blues and jazz festival began in 2003. There was a small team of 5 volunteers who managed and organized a full-blown celebration over 3 days. An open concert which featured 2003 Juno Award winning headliner Jack DeKeyzer, and seven other talented blues and jazz musicians was done in Alexandra Park. The park had a beer garden, a farmers’ market and food and craft vendors. From the success of the first event, the festival started to grow and develop by the next year. In appreciation for the support and help of the generous town of Orangeville and the BIA as well as the sponsors, the event expanded the free concert in Alexandra Park to include Saturdays and Sundays. The support of the crew was so great that the team of 5 quickly grew to a group of 50 members.

With great food, amazing blues and jazz music, striking sights and friendly and welcoming people, this event will be the best music festival out there. Have fun with us as we celebrate three nights of great music at Downtown Orangeville. Be there and enjoy the 9th annual Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival.

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