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You may have the ability to look at your garden or lawn and know exactly how you want, or you may need the advice of a professional to help you get started. Either way if you visit one of Perth Ontario's garden centres or landscape suppliers you will find help. From gardening tools and equipment to lawn decorations and flowers pots; stop by one of Perth Ontario's landscape supply stores and get the help you are looking for.

Hillside Gardens Perth Ontario Flowers, Landscaping, Garden Centre

313 Wayside Drive, Perth, ON  K7H 3C8
Phone: 613-267-4031
Fax: 613-267-3568
Contact: Bruce & Carol Onion

With over thirty years of experience and a second generation of expert gardeners, Hillside Gardens is committed to helping you transform your landscape (large or small) into something magnificent. The plants are grown on site from start to finish. With eleven greenhouses presently and growing, variety is endless.

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