Drivers of Thunder Bay Among the Top Ten

Ever noticed how most, for sure not all, of our drivers act like they have all the time in the world to be able to stop for an officer of the police department or an ambulance? That’s probably one of the things many of us just ignore while on the road but for an insurance company like Allstate Insurance, this tells them a lot about our drivers who by the way had to drive on snow at least four months in any given year. In fact, according to the same insurance company, our drivers have placed 8th out of 49 communities around Ontario.

How did the insurance company decide this ranking you might ask? Well, simply put, it means that Thunder Bay’s collision claims in any given year is only around 3.7 out of 100 vehicles. I know others might find it a little too good to be true that only 3.7% of us actually call our insurance companies to avail of our collision claims but keep in mind that this data is from an insurance company and if we follow logic, it should not be too hard to conclude that these companies have no plans of fooling themselves unless they want to get a shocking figure of claims right?

Either way, we should all be proud of our drivers for such an achievement especially given our weather condition.

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