Thunder Bay Welcomes New Doctor

The City of Thunder Bay greets the New Year by bringing in a new medical doctor.

David Kisselgoff, hailing all the way from the mountainous Ural region of Russia, has just recently arrived at the city and has found himself handling three positions; that of research, teacher, and physician.

Kisselfgoff is the first scientist hired by the three big medical research institutions in Thunder Bay; the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute. According to the Russian native, he is more than honored to be selected and considers himself privileged to represent his country. Indeed, it’s a position rarely given to those in the medical field.

Kisselgoff will be doing three things, running diagnostics like all physicians do, teaching medical students, and doing research to help spur the development of better medical technology. He will be working extensively with imaging equipment, like MRI and PET scans which are mainly used to detect cancer cells in patients.

Kisselgoff admits that his new designation will be immensely daunting. For the next few months, it will be a balancing game for the doctor, as he juggles time for his three jobs, as well as for his family.

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