Thunder Bay Residents Doing What They Can to Help Haiti

In the wake of the massive 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday, almost every country in the world is doing what they can to pitch in and help the country. Already, Canada has been organizing a national relief for the earthquake’s victims, pooling donations such as food items, clothes, and money.

The City of Thunder Bay, Ontario, has also been amassing relief goods as well as cash donations. Residents in the area are flocking to the city branch of the Canadian Red Cross to do what they can to help. Hundred of people have dropped by with various supplies ranging from canned goods, clothes, and more.

According to Thunder Bay Red Cross branch manager Rob Kilgour, they have so far received $12,000 in cash donations for the Haiti victims as of Thursday afternoon. Their team of volunteers have also been taking calls non-stop from people asking how they can help. Residents both rich and poor are making efforts to do what they can, Kilgour observed.

Thunder Bay’s Salvation Army is also accepting donations for the Haiti victims. The national non-profit group has already sent an amount of $100,000 in cash less than 48 hours after the quake. Those with mobile phones subscribed to Rogers and Bell are encouraged to text the word HAITI to immediately donate $5.

Our prayers go out to those affect by this disaster.

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