Students Spread Some Love in Thunder Bay

As part of a project to spread some care and love in the city, students from a local university recently gave away free hot chocolate at the Water Street bus terminal, here in the City of Thunder Bay.

Lakehead University students whipped up some warm beverages for passengers boarding and coming from the city buses plying Thunder Bay on Tuesday. According to the students, it was their way of paying things forward and showing random acts of kindness to the community.

Student Erin Carter, one of those who worked on the project, said the goal was to give back as much as they could to the community. In the end, they came up with a project where each of their individual talents could be utilized and brought together for a good cause.

Throughout February, around 20 students from the Environmental Education program organized events ranging from free hugs, free postcards, and senior home activities, said Carter. Her class wanted to make Thunder Bay known as great community to live in, she added.

At first, the class had trouble giving away the hot chocolate, since people were a bit skeptical of being offered something for free. But they eventually warmed up to the idea and were amazed by the students’ hard work.

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