Thunder Bay Couple Helps Children Find Homes

If you want to know how tough being a foster parent is, Jason and Suzanne Hart just might be the perfect couple to answer your questions.

A decade ago, the childless Harts were busy looking into adoption options here in Thunder Bay, particularly through the city’s Children’s Aid Society chapter.

After much consideration, the couple finally decided to take in a 7-year-old boy together with his 12 and 5-year-old sisters.

Fast forward to today, the big family is still living happily together. They’ve also been joined by two more members, namely the couple’s two birth children.

The road to being a happy family however, was never easy. At one point, their adopted son and youngest daughter were ordered by the court back to their original home, where they stayed for over a year. Despite the hardships, the Harts feel that all the trials just strengthened their bond with their kids.

The obstacles they’ve faced as foster parents have spurred them to be the face of Children’s Aid Society’s recruitment campaign for foster parents, labeled “We care, do you?” With more and more children in need of loving parents and families, the Society hopes that the Harts experience encourages other potential foster parents to open their hearts to less fortunate kids.

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