Victoria Day in Unionville is grander and much more exciting this year

Get ready for a wonderful holiday, ladies and gents for the Victoria Day in Unionville comes real soon. It is going to be one great weekend of shopping and dining. All the shops and restaurants will be open throughout the weekend, including on Monday, Victoria Day. So cancel all other plans and bring your family and friends out for a wonderful and long weekend. There will be a whole lot of activities prepared for the guests of Victoria Day. Expect a great amount of fun and excitement and spend a wonderful time with your family and friends. The locals of Unionville has been really preparing for this so the Victoria Day should be an event worth checking out.  Be at Unionville on the 23rd of May 2011, Monday and be delighted with everything we have to offer you on this wonderful and special occasion.

Victoria Day is an annual holiday observed all across Canada and is celebrated on a Monday before the 25th of May. Victoria Day commemorates the day of birth of Queen Victoria which is on the 24th of May. Canada is still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, of which the Queen leads them all. This is why Canada celebrates this fabulous and joyous holiday. The annual celebration is always celebrated on a Monday, extending the weekend. It is commonly known as the Victoria Day weekend or the May Long weekend. It is a fun and exciting event and the guests that come grow bigger and bigger every year.

The Victoria Day is always a great weekend for everyone. Lots of people open up their cottages and even more people flood resorts, malls and restaurants. Expect that this year will be a fun and great celebration of the birthday of Queen Victoria.  Enjoy a great time with family and friends, shop and dine only at the Victoria Day in Unionville.