24th Annual Windsor Marine Event talks about improving their area

It was a day of fun and excitement at the 24th Annual Windsor Marine Event. It was a big success and everyone who came and joined the celebration definitely had a whole lot of fun and excitement.  The annual Windsor Marine Event also hosted a number of activities and there was also a great program prepared for the guests. The annual Windsor Marine Event was not only about fun and exciting activities but also a gathering to discuss certain topics about related to the Marine field of the area. There were keynote speakers like Dwight Duncan and a whole lot of special guests and special speakers to bring color to the annual Windsor Marine Event. This year, the annual marine event was held last May 5 2011 at the St Clair Centre for the Arts, Windsor. There were a lot of guests and the event was a great success.

The Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan came to the event to give his words about several topics. His main concern was all about the Windsor Essex Parkway: Increased Commerce for the Port. Clearly, many of the attendees of the annual marine event agreed on the statements of Dwight Duncan. He wants a huge improvement on their resources and he wishes that everyone who heard his messages would help implement them. With that talk, a lot of the guests will be able to reflect on Dwight Duncan’s messages and will help them think of ways to improve their area.

The annual marine event had admission fees and other miscellaneous charges. However, all the proceeds would go directly to the Mission to Seafarers. Fees for dinner were at $75 and a great game of golf was at $90. It was a great event and the guests were looking forward to next year. The 24th Annual Windsor Marine Event was a great success. Join us again next year.