About Windsor Ontario

The city of Windsor is a medium-sized community situated in Southwestern Ontario, bordered to the east by the Quebec City – Windsor Corridor. It’s a city filled with plenty of different cultures, with close to 20% of the city’s population made up of individuals born outside the country. The city plays host to a large number of Middle Eastern, Italian, and Asian communities. It’s located right across the Detroit River from Detroit city.

The city started out as a settlement of French farmers and animal raisers in 1748, growing over the centuries as a modern-day city of multiple cultures amounting to a total population of 216,473 people, as of 2006. Being a “stone’s throw” away from Detroit and only separated by the river named after Motown, it goes without saying that the city has strong ties with the auto industry. In fact, plenty of car manufacturing companies have based their Canadian branches in Windsor.

But that’s not to say the city is a heavily industrial area. Windsor’s river-side area contains some fast, green scenery with its developed nature park. Visitors can stroll around the lush greens, admiring the Detroit skyline from across the river.

Head on up to Windsor and enjoy this melting pot of cultures and races. Each area of the city offers an experience that’s truly unique to Windsor.