About Cambridge Ontario

The city of Cambridge is a thriving community situated in southern Ontario. The city is fairly new, being formed only in 1973 through the merger of Galt, Hespeler, Preston and the other surrounding regions.

Today Cambridge is one of the fastest growing and strongest economic cities in Canada, largely thanks to its strategic location in the province of Ontario.

For businesses, various opportunities can be found in this picturesque city. Cambridge boasts of a workforce that’s been consistent and productive for close to two centuries.

The city is situated in an area that makes it well-suited for trade and commerce all across the rest of North America. Businesses interested in expanding through Canada’s heartland can often be found in Cambridge.

Cambridge is a good blend of old traditional architecture and modern innovation. The fast green scenery serves as the perfect backdrop for restaurants, coffee shops, shopping districts, and many more. And while the city has its share of modern shopping centers, the real treats and bargains can be found in Cambridge’s antique shops, flea markets, and farmer’s markets.

Tourists and first-time visitors are recommended to explore the many sights in Cambridge like the various nature parks scattered throughout the city, the butterfly sanctuary, the historical museums, and the local pubs.

Visitors will marvel at how Cambridge manages to combine traditions of the past, with today’s innovations and progress.