Come One, Come All to the Carleton Place Community Christmas Concert

Surely everyone is ecstatic for this coming Sunday’s line of activities with the Olympic Torch passing being the no-brainer highlight in the morning. However, the festivities will surely not end with the torch’s passing. No sir. Not when the Carleton Place Community Christmas concert is set to kick off on the afternoon of the same day.

So what gives for this community concert? For starters, it’s FREE. Pretty sure that grabbed your attention huh? Well, come to think of it, it does sound like it should be free otherwise it would be a little hard to call it a “community” concert.

The free admission notwithstanding, everyone in Carleton Place is assured of a grand community time to get them holiday stress off the nerves. Music from folk, country, light rock, and of course Christmas carols should be expected coming from the likes of Lyle Dilabough & Friends, Jack Denovan, Darlene Thibault, Pat Willbond, Kirk Armstrong, and Katheen Stroud among others.

The venue for this year’s community concert will be on top of the Carleton Place Cinemas and its set to run from 2 in the afternoon till 4 PM.

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