Local Musician Hopes for Success in the Country Music Genre

Local songwriter, singer, and musician Brea Lawrenson has decided to focus on country music and hopes to find success in this genre.

As with everyone else who try to make it in the highly-competitive music industry, Brea has been confronted with a lot of setbacks in her career, but despite her struggle, she has never given up. A few years ago, she decided to concentrate more on country music thinking that this would be the best direction for her to follow.

Brea is currently recording her fourth album with Kieth Glass — one of the creators of Prairie Oyster: a once famous award-winning country group from Canada. Her Compact Disc which is yet to be titled is now being produced by Glass in his Perth Studio.

Lawrenson said that she and Kieth met at a popular music festival that plays country music called Jam. She told EMC in an interview that Kieth seemed to “like her new stuff.” According to her, she wrote her new songs herself, and she personally thinks that doing so makes quite a difference. She also said that Kieth is taking her songs to a whole different level by developing them himself.

Despite her song “If I’m Not Here Tomorrow” being named by Universe Magazine as the best song of the month last November 2007, Lawrenson claims that her works are still “at the amateur level.” and she appreciates the support of Kieth for adding professionalism and edge to her songs.

The 23-year-old Carleton Place resident said that she has always been a music lover regardless of what genre. Considering that Lawrenson first recorded an album eight years ago, this comes as no surprise.

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