Mayors Still Owes People First

Kory Earle, president of People First of Lanark County, is getting worried that Carleton Place Mayor Paul Dulmage has not fully honored his pledge to donate the amount $2,750 for the organization’s 2009 walk-a-thon. People First is an organization that supports individuals with learning disabilities. The pledge, Earle explained, wasn’t just a promise for the organization, but also a commitment to the areas that benefit from People First’s services – this includes Carleton Place.

When the story came out last week regarding the aforementioned pledge by the Mayor, Earle said that People First received a lot of support and positive feedbacks from the residents of Carleton Place. He said that the organization owes the town of Carleton Place a great deal, and he just couldn’t put into words how grateful he is and how that moment made him feel.

The public’s reaction with regards to the Mayor’s failure to fulfill his obligation is evident in Carleton Place’s website where a lot of the residents have expressed their disdain and embarrassment regarding the matter. Most people commented that the problem be “fixed” as soon as possible as it brings great shame for the town.

According to Earle, last January 11, Carleton Town treasurer Phil Hogan, called People First and told them that the amount of $1200 was already available. Earle said that he was thankful for the $1200 and hopes that the remaining amount will be honored. He encouraged the Mayor to “do what is right” so that they can move past this “hurdle.”

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