First-Ever Students Exchange in Carleton Place

The town of Carleton Place, for the first time ever, plans to conduct a student exchange program with its original partner community in Perthshire, Scotland: the scenic little town of Comrie. The program will be sponsored by the Carleton Place Sister City Committee.

According to the committee’s chair, Ron Goebel, he expects a large number of applicants because when they (the committee) visited the participating schools last year before Christmas, there was a huge positive response from its students. They now have a few forms in hand from the interested applicants and they expect to receive more this week.

The applications shall be screened by the Carleton Place Sister City Committee who will base their decisions on how the Carleton Place students match to the 5 already chosen students from Scotland. Ultimately, in August, the chosen Carleton contingent will travel to Comrie and stay there for ten days. The students from Carleton Place shall merge themselves to students in Scotland and their respective families. In turn, in October, the group from Scotland shall do the same when they travel to Carleton Place.

Goebel said that the purpose of this whole program is to give a cultural and, most importantly, an educational experience to the students.

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