H1N1 Vaccine For Everyone in Gananoque

H1N1 Flu Vaccine for Everyone on GananoqueAs of November 17, 2009, 13183 confirmed cases of H1N1 have been reported in Canada, with 198 individuals falling to the disease. Although our little town of Gananoque Ontario has had confirmed cases, no deaths have been reported. In spite of this, our officials remain wary and vigilant against the spread of the virus. Authorities have recently announced that the H1N1 vaccine is now available to everyone living in Gananoque Ontario. A clinic will be set up at the Kinsmen Club on November 24, with vaccines to be given out to everyone.

Dr. Anne Carter, medical officer of health in the area, issued a statement saying, “Any person, regardless of age or medical condition, can get an H1N1 vaccination.”

Our students and school staff are particularly affected by the spread of the influenza virus, as more and more safeguards and precautions are being put up to prevent contraction of the disease. School staffs are directed to ensure that soap and water are available for regular hand washing, with hand sanitizers placed in the areas where hand washing cannot be done. Frequent cleaning of often used surfaces and items is also regularly done in Gananoque Ontario schools and public places.

Our region’s health unit also requests that parents refrain from sending their children with fevers to school, until it subsides for a full 24 hours.  This has caused a panic among our town’s residents for awhile, but health authorities are quick to thwart the spread of disinformation.

Fellow residents of Gananoque Ontario greeted vaccine for everyone with mixed reactions. There are some skeptics who question the safety and effectively of the vaccines. Global health officials understand this fear – as with all vaccines, some can have reactions ranging from allergies, to more complicated issues. However, they stress that allowing the virus to continue its spread can prove dangerous, citing the Spanish Flu of 1918.

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