HMCS Gananoque Commemoration Starts the Centennial Anniversary of the Canadian Navy

Last 17th of December, lead by Mayor Jim Garrah, the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy kicked off on Water Street’s museum, Arthur Child. During the event, the mayor happily greeted the distinguished guests that consisted of local politicians, Branch 92 of the Royal Canadian Legion representatives, officers from the nearby Canadian Navy station at HMCS Cataraqui, and of course, veterans from the second world war themselves.

This starting of the celebration might be a little too early since it’s supposed to be on the 4th of May 2010 however, Gananoque felt it had to start it as early as now to commemorate the Canadian Navy ship that has been named after the town, the HMCS Gananoque which is a Bangor class minesweeper.

The HMCS Gananoque’s biggest role during the second world war can now be found on a history book titled, “No Higher Purpose: The Official Operational History of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War”. On the book, it highlighted that the HMCS Gananoque was part of an attack on a U-Boat from Germany which occurred on October, 1942. This event forced the U-Boat to cancel its planned attacked on an allied convoy and it is now remembered as one of the most successful counters from the St. Lawrence campaign.

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