Gananoque Reserve Gets Special Charter

A momentous event took place at Gananoque’s Firehall Theatre, as Frontenac Arch Biosphere (FAB) chairman Gary Clarke officially signed Geotourism Charter of the the National Geographic Society – making it the 9th charter of its kind in the world today.

Jonathan Tourtellot, head of the Centre for Sustainable Destinations National Geographic Society, acted as witness to this momentous event, putting pen to paper, and affixing his signature next to Clarke’s.

Only Montreal and the Waterton Lakes/Glacier National Parks have been awarded with charters in all of Canada. FAB is a 167 square mile expanse of land that includes Gananoque’s 1000 Islands, the southern region of the Rideau Canal, as well as the eastern portion of the Land ‘O Lakes. In 2002, the entire region was declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a world biosphere reservation.

FAB is also one of 15 world biosphere reservations in Canada, all of which make a worldwide network of 553 reserves scattered in 107 coutnries.

Indeed, this new development is another feather on Gananoque’s cap. All the more reason for tourists and visitors to check out this picturesque town nestled in one of the most stunning areas in the country.

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