Gananoque Council Discusses Bylaw Ammendment

In a move to answer the high number of complaints on the current snow clearing policy of the town, the Gananoque Town Council has assigned Darren Dalgleish, Chief Administrative Officer of Gananoque, to come up with a bylaw amendment.

Dalgleish presented the amendment two days ago, and council gave it their approval so as to ease the growing discontent in the community, this according to Gananoque Mayor Jim Garrah.

The new bylaw addresses the concerns of the Gananoque community, and is improved to be more informative and fair in the need to have clear and unobstructed sidewalks, this according to the report filed by Dalgleish.

While the Town Council chose not to disclose whether or not they would approve the amendment, which they’ll be doing in the next meeting, Dalgliesh’s proposed bylaw on snow removal in Gananoque would give a grace period for residents who fail to keep the area in front of their homes clear, as well as give violators a written warning for a first offense, instead of an invoice.

Mayor Garrah notes that the goal of the bylaw isn’t to create tension, but to encourage everyone in the community to keep the sidewalks in front of their homes clear of snow.

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