1000 Islands International Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival Returns to Gananoque for the Second Time

The 1000 Islands International Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival is set to return to Gananoque for the second straight year on the 15th of May, and according to the two local volunteers running the festival, David Ansley and Rick Ransom, their working on the show for the town’s sake.

Ransom said that the goal is to make Gananoque a happening place, a town that can play host to big events, and a town where people know how to have fun. He’s looking to top last year’s crowd of close to 400 participants made up of artists, locals, and tourists. Drawing in more artists is a clear sign that this year’s festival is successful, Ransom commented.

Considering that they had only 3 months to prepare for last year’s festival, which was composed of 4 events, Ransom thinks the turnout was pretty decent. He added that over 70 percent of those who joined the festivities were residents from Gananoque, so hopefully more people from outside town show up and participate.

This year’s 1000 Islands International Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival will feature a dozen new events, with a special appearance by author and illustrator Wallace Edwards.

With preparations for the event in full swing, this year’s festival looks to be a memorable one.

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