Gananoque Water Rate Increase Deferred Until September

It may be temporary for now, but Gananoque residents can breathe a sigh of relief as council has agreed to put off the 6% increase in the town’s water rate until the 1st of September, 2010. At a council meeting that took place on Tuesday, Mayor Jim Garrah expressed his understanding of the community’s worries about higher water fees.

However, he pointed out that an increase was the only solution to making sure the town had a stable future.

He added that the town is working on a more effective closed loop system that will result in a full cost recovery in the future.

According to town treasurer Ross Jeffrey, the 6% hike was the best they could do under the current circumstances. He noted that there’s a capital of around $13,500,000 for water and sewage projects outlined in the town’s 10-year plan. But $10.7 million of that money may not be required if the lagoon cleaning projects and the inflow and infiltration projects are successful.

It’s pretty clear however, that the community will be clearly affected by this increase, with many residents and business still trying to recover after the economic crisis. They can only hope that council finds a viable solution to the town’s water woes.

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