Gananoque Gets New Chiropractor

The Town of Gananoque has a new chiropractor joining its medical community, and he’s tasked to make sure that his patients get to learn how to live healthy and active lifestyles, and also how to prevent catching common diseases caused by unhealthy habits.

Dr. Peter C. Burgess, a chiropractor who just got his license, is opening up shop in the same building where his father, who is a dentist, has his clinic.

According to the younger Burgess, his father was happy to welcome him to the building, where he started attending to patients on the 26th of April. Already, a steady stream of people visit Dr. Burgess’ clinic to have their body pains checked out.

He added that the town and its people have always had  special spot in his heart. Burgess spent his younger years in the 1000 Islands, and since day one, Gananoque would always be the town where he wanted to open a practice.

Dr. Burgess’ interest in chiropractics was first sparked when he suffered a back injury when playing minor hockey. He says that he was amazed at how a chiropractor profoundly reduced his pain, without any surgery or serious procedure of any sort.

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