Gananoque Runs Hits Milestone

After years of hard work, Bunny Randall and her friends have finally done it.

Since 1998, Bunny Randall has regularly hosted the Gananoque Terry Fox Run, and after more than a decade, she has finally reached her goal of cracking the half million dollar mark.

The run got off to a modest start 12 years ago, raising $4,000 during the first ever run. Fast forward to today, the run’s yearly haul has improved significantly. Thanks to all the hard work Randall and her team of volunteers have put into having a successful event, this year’s run drew in $21,361.81 in donations.

Here’s a quick breakdown of that number:

  • $17,895.38 in pledges from the community
  • $800 in miscellaneous donations
  • $746 from the raffle
  • $745 donated by Carveth Care Centre
  • $606 coming from buttons and t-shirt sales etc.
  • $474 form the silent auction
  • $464 in proceeds from the Gary Burtch Memorial Golf Tournament

Randall says that their team’s success is thanks to the people who’ve been with them since the very beginning of the effort. Over the years, volunteers have come back regularly to help Randall with the run, making it easier for her to improve it and get the community interested.

She’s looking forward to next year’s event, and hopes that it will be better than ever.

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