Veterinarians Raise Money for a Cause

While the Gananoque Veterinary Clinic’s Farley Days fundraiser ran into bad weather and only got halfway through their goal of raising $5000, one local pet owner thinks the veterinarians still put together a largely successfully event.

According to Peter Christie, who hails from the Lansdowne area, the fact that people with disabilities and seniors living on fixed incomes received any attention at all, much less donations, is a great thing. He’s thankful for all the hard work the local veterinarians have put into organizing the Farley Days fundraiser.

Christie, who’s also on disability, keeps a companion dog named Harley. She’s a collie, Labrador retriever and greyhound mix, and was very active until suffering from a tear in her right knee that left her disabled.

Christie knew that Harley was in pain after the accident, as she was panting heavily and wetting herself. After getting her checked up, the veterinarian told him that the only way she could walk again was to have surgery on her knee muscle. The surgery would cost $1500, but Christie knew there was no way he could come out with that kind of extra money.

This lead Christie and his dog’s doctor, Dr. Barb O’Neill to seek help from the Farley Foundation. Thankfully, the foundation was quick to lend assistance, and now Harley is recuperating from the surgery.

Sunday’s event was just one of the activities that help people like Christie with animal companions. The local veterinarians hope that they can raise awareness on this issue, prompting others in the community to lend a helping hand of their own.

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