Political Candidates in Gananoque Debate in front of Standing Crowd

With more than 200 people present at last night’s debate at Gananoque Secondary School, it seems that everyone got to know the town’s 14 councilors and 2 mayor al candidates quite well.

The debate, hosted by the Gananoque Rotary Club, who also provided questions for the electoral candidates, got off to a lively start. Aside from the Rotary Club, the public also had the opportunity to ask their own questions, allowing them to get to know the candidates and their platforms a lot better.

Among the issues tackled during the event included discussions on taxes, the Town of Gananoque’s image, the Textron building, a new public pool, the antique boat museum and the candidate’s vision for the community. Needless to say, all of the candidates had strong views on local issues, and they certainly grabbed the chance to explain why they were fit for council with gusto.

The two mayoral candidates got to discuss their vision for Gananoque, a question thrown in by the Rotary Club. According to incumbent Mayor Jim Garrah, his vision isn’t just a dream, it’s very achievable. He adds that he knows what path they are taking, and how to reach their goal.

Challenger Erika Demchuk stressed that while she may lack experience, she has the resolve to fix what’s wrong with the town, beginning with downtown Gananoque. She comments that revitalizing the area and making it busier and more active is one of her priorities.

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