August 21st Centennial Park PLAY Day


Through the PLAY Days in TLTI Program, we are growing happy and healthy communities by building play into every child’s day.” – Program Coordinator of PLAY Days.  

Let us kick start the 2021 on a PLAYful note, with a new and exciting program for the Township of Leeds and the Thousand IslandsWe would like to invite children and their families into nature, to get creative, be inspired, and have a whole lot of FUN in 2021

“Children’s play is any behaviour, activity or process initiated, controlled and structured by children themselves; it takes place whenever and wherever opportunities arise” – General Comment 17, UNCRC (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child)

In 2021, we will be offering a series of PLAY Days Events in the Township and in surrounding communities. PLAY Days in TLTI are experiences that will be offered outside, where participants are encouraged to “think outside the box” and embark on new adventures of re-creation and play. 

With the PLAY Days in TLTI Program, Children and their families are provided with a safe space to let their imaginations run wild, finding new purposes for recycled “Loose Parts”. Loose Parts are recycled household items that participants can build with, jump on, hide under, and that they can use to create a magical world of sustainable play. These Loose Parts will become their inspiration for creative play and will encourage them to engage in new ways, with their surroundings and their peers. 

PLAY Days are designed on the key principle of “Choice.” Children get to choose what they do, how they do it, when to start and stop, and who joins in. It is the freedom to choose that makes each event unique and a “play-full” experience. Children have the freedom choose their own adventure and to explore, discover, and learn by doing.

Through the PLAY Days Program, children learn to assess risk, as it relates to their own, individually guided play. Taking risks is an important part of learning and choices that are made in the future, are reflective of the experiences that we have as childrenChildren need to learn to recognize and evaluate challenges and make decisions based on their own abilities and understanding. When we play, risk doesn’t mean we are giving an open invitation to danger, it means the types of play where the possibility of physical injury may exist. It means giving children the freedom to decide how high to stack milk crates, get muddy in puddles, and balance on the logs. At PLAY Days in TLTI, we make the space as safe as necessary, not as safe as possible to ensure you and your children can gain from all of the great benefits of “risky play”.


Date : August 21, 2021

Event location : 107 Haskins Point Road Seeley’s Bay, Ontario

Contact : +1 613-659-2415 ;

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