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Weeklong Fun Spiel


Weeklong event fun curling spiel.  With lots of food and laughter.

The North Bay Granite Club is gearing up for another six months of curling and plans to jumpstart the season with the annual Community Funspiel, sponsored by Joey’s Only Seafood Restaurant. True to the name, this event is for the community to enjoy. Regardless of age, gender, or ability, the only criteria for entry is that you are human and that you have $20 to invest.

Although curling teams are traditionally made up of four players, many will rotate through a larger lineup based on availability throughout the week. This makes the Community Funspiel an ideal event for family, friends, or co-workers to get out and socialize while trying something new. For $80, in addition to an item of $20 value for the prize table, teams will play three six-end games on either Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday evenings during the week of Oct. 15-19.

Much is planned for after the curling has concluded, so curlers should intend to stick around. Finding enjoyment off the ice is as much about being a curler as what occurs on the slippery surface — therefore, food and entertainment will be provided nightly. Among the highlighted activities will be minnow races presented by Dave Bennett of CTV (Monday/Tuesday), live acoustic music by Gary Davison (Wednesday/Thursday), and a rocking Friday night with Duke Marvelous and company (music starting at 7 p.m). Free lessons will be provided Oct. 9-11 each night from 7 to 8 :30 p.m. and Oct. 13 from 10 a.m. to noon and 1 to 3 p.m. prior to the Funspiel, for those seeking a slight edge over their rookie counterparts.

Registration for one or all of these sessions is open by visiting the Granite Club online ( ) or contacting the office by phone (705-472-6740). Beyond the opening activities, there is an entire season of endless winter fun planned for members of the club and the community. The board of directors presided over by Mary Shannon has been hard at work throughout the summer to make improvements to the club (freshly painted), the ice schedule (maximized play time for all curlers), membership dues (ensuring the most value for your money), and increased visibility (to facilitate growth in every form and level of curling).

For more information, visit us at one of two Open Houses scheduled for early October. The Open Houses are scheduled for Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. and Oct. 13 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to register for desired leagues, lessons, programs and special events. Food and beverages will be provided at the Oct. 4 instalment, which is to be preceded by the fall annual general meeting of members at 5:30 p.m. Embrace the cool weather this fall and venture down to the Granite Club with your clean indoor running shoes and stretchy pants for a classic Canadian pastime.

Admission Details: $150.00 per team (4)

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Pet Friendly: No


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Contact Name: Jayne Curtis

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 613-382-3281

Contact Organization: Gananoque Curling Club


Date :

from Sunday, February 28, 2016 – 1000 islands1:00pm to Thursday, March 3, 2016 – 6:00pm


Location event :

Gananoque Curling Club – 300 William St., South

Battle of the Sexes

Date: Saturday, November 28, 2015 – from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Location: Gananoque Curling Club 300 William Street

Men vs Women Challenge. 2 – 8 ends games plus lunch

Admission Details: $25.00 per person

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Pet Friendly: No

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Contact Name: Jayne Curtis

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Contact Phone: 613-382-3281

Contact Organization: Gananoque Curling Club

Holly and Ivy Arts Fair


Holly & Ivy Arts Fair 2015 is to be held the weekend of November 21st – 22nd at the Arthur Child Heritage Museum at 125 Water St, Gananoque, ON, K7G 3E3

This is a beautiful location with great lighting, lots of free parking, an elevator, nearby restaurants and right on the water front. Gananoque is easily accessible from Highway 401 or County Road 2 as well as the International Ivy Lea Bridge.

Contact Catherine Richmond at 1-613-923-1571 or email her at if you are interested in taking part.

2015 Scottish Women Tours

Date: Sunday, November 15, 2015 – from 10:00am to 2:00pm

Location: Gananoque Curling Club 300 William

Scottish Womens Curling Tour. Everyone welcome to come and watch the Scottish curl against our local ladies.


Contact Name: Jayne Curtis

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 613-382-3281

Contact Organization: Gananoque Curling Club

Grover Clare Seniors Men’s Bonspiel

Date: Saturday, November 14, 2015 – from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Location:Gananoque Curling Club 300 William Street

Description: Seniors Men’s Spiel – 2 8 end games plus lunch

Admission Details: $30.00 per person


Contact Name: Jayne Curtis

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 613-382-3281

Organization: Gananoque Curling Club

Dressed to the Nines

Date: Friday, November 13, 2015 – from 4:00pm to 8:00pm

The Gananoque & District Humane Society presents its new Gently Used Bazaar for party clothes and fine jewellery.

Feeling lucky? You could win a diamond in your choice of setting for $2 per draw!

Bring your jewellery for free cleaning! Silent auction. Champagne & hors d’oeuvres on the menu.

Admission Details: Free admission

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Pet Friendly: No

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Contact Name: Arlene Massey

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 613-923-1953

Contact Organization: Gananoque & District Humane Society Publish

Before the Rush – Fine Craft & Art Show

Before the Rush - Fine Craft & Art Show

Date: Sunday, November 1, 2015 – from 11:00am to 5:00pm

Before the Rush: One weekend. One prestigious location. One Fabulous Show.

Being Held at The Ivy Restaurant and Coach House 93 Shipmans Lane, Leeds and the Thousand Islands K0E 1L0

If “a thing of beauty is a joy forever,” as poet John Keats wrote, then the Before the Rush Show encourages patrons to discover beauty in the form of a stunning selection of highly collectible fine art and craft from 20 artists and artisans who complement passion and originality with excellence in design & hand-work.

Before the Rush is a show designed to offer customers the opportunity to acquire artwork and gifts for themselves or others before the crushing Christmas crowds descend upon malls and shops, and before the artists and their works are swept up into the big annual seasonal shows.

Admission Details:

Free Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Pet Friendly: No

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Contact Name: John Sorensen

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: +16136593874

Thanksgiving Day in Canada


Thanksgiving Day in Canada is on 12th October 2015.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada has been a holiday on the second Monday of October since 1957. It is a chance for people to give thanks for a good harvest and other fortunes in the past year.

Many people have a day off work on the second Monday of October. They often use the three-day Thanksgiving weekend to visit family or friends who live far away, or to receive them in their own homes. Many people also prepare a special meal to eat at some point during the long weekend. Traditionally, this included roast turkey and seasonal produce, such as pumpkin, corn ears and pecan nuts. Now, the meal may consist of other foods, particularly if the family is of non-European descent.

The Thanksgiving weekend is also a popular time to take a short autumn vacation. This may be the last chance in a while for some people to use cottages or holiday homes before winter sets in. Other popular activities include: outdoor breaks to admire the spectacular colors of the Canadian autumn; hiking; and fishing. Fans of the teams in the Canadian Football League may spend part of the weekend watching the Thanksgiving Day Classic matches.

The native peoples of the Americas held ceremonies and festivals to celebrate the completion and bounty of the harvest long before European explorers and settlers arrived in what is now Canada. Early European thanksgivings were held to give thanks for some special fortune. An early example is the ceremony the explorer Martin Frobisher held in 1578 after he had survived the long journey in his quest to find a northern passage from Europe to Asia.

From the end of the First World War until 1930, both Armistice Day and Thanksgiving Day were celebrated on the Monday closest to November 11, the anniversary of the official end of hostilities in World War I. In 1931, Armistice Day was renamed Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving Day was moved to a Monday in October. Since 1957, Thanksgiving Day has always been held on the second Monday in October.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is linked to the European tradition of harvest festivals. A common image seen at this time of year is a cornucopia, or horn, filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables. The cornucopia, which means “Horn of Plenty” in Latin, was a symbol of bounty and plenty in ancient Greece. Turkeys, pumpkins, ears of corn and large displays of food are also used to symbolize Thanksgiving Day.

Halloween in Canada 2015



Halloween in 2015 is Saturday, October 31

It is a day to mark the single night in the year when, according to old Celtic beliefs, spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living. Some people hold parties and children may trick-or-treat in their neighborhood.

Some people put a lot of effort into decorating their homes, yards and drives. They may even construct life-size replica graveyards or dungeons and invite people from the neighborhood to view their creations or hold a themed party. Other people may organize fancy dress parties for adults or children. Popular activities at parties include watching horror films and trying to make fellow guests jump in fright.

Many children go out to play trick-or-treat. They dress up as ghosts, witches, skeletons or other characters and visit homes in their neighborhood. They ring doorbells and, when someone answers, they call out “trick-or-treat”. This means that they hope to receive a gift of candy or other snacks and that they are threatening to play a trick if they do not get anything. Usually, they receive a treat and tricks are rarely carried out.

There are special types of food associated with Halloween. These include candies in packets decorated with symbols of Halloween, toffee apples made by coating real apples with a boiled sugar solution, roasted corn, popcorn and pumpkin pie or bread. Halloween beer, which is made by adding pumpkin and spices to the mash before fermenting it, is also available in specialist stores.

Children also take part in a long-standing Canadian tradition of “Trick-or-Treat for Unicef”. Pumpkin-carving contests, pumpkin art tours, a reading marathon, and symbolic Walks for Water are just a few examples of the educational and fundraising activities schools and children develop to help provide thousands of children developing countries with basic quality education.

October 31 is not a public holiday. Schools, organizations, businesses, stores and post offices are open as usual. Some organizations may arrange Halloween parties, but these do not usually disrupt normal affairs. Public transport services run on their regular timetables. If people are driving around the neighborhood in the late afternoon or evening, it is important to be particularly aware of children, especially those wearing dark costumes, who may be unfamiliar with traffic conditions.

Halloween has Celtic origins. In pre-Christian times, many people believed that spirits from the underworld and ghosts of dead people could visit the world of the living on the night of October 31. These spirits could harm the living or take them back to the underworld. To avoid this, people started dressing up as ghosts and spirits if they left their homes on October 31. They hoped that this would confuse the ghosts and spirits.

Thanksgiving Cider and Gingerbread Cookies at the Arthur Child Heritage Museum

Thanksgiving Cider and Gingerbread Cookies at the Arthur Child Heritage MuseumThanksgiving Cider and Gingerbread Cookies at the Arthur Child Heritage Museum

Monday, October 12, 2015 – from 10:00am to 5:00pm

125 Water Street., Gananoque



Step in from the cool fall air and enjoy a cup of hot apple cider with some gingerbread cookies on the side. Savour the aroma of autumn then visit the Museum exhibits and Gift shop or relax on our veranda overlooking the river and the Islands. Life is good!

Admission Details: By Donation

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes


Contact Name: Linda Mainse

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 613-382-2535

Contact Organization: Arthur Child Heritage Museum