Native plant sale kicks of the annual Mennonite Spring Fest

Once again, the Mennonite Spring Fest was a success. It was an amazing day of celebrating the wonders of spring. It was a great get together and it was filled with a lot of fun and awesome activities. Games and other activities were conducted for kids. In the other hand, adults also had a lot of fun with all the stores and vendors selling all sorts of things. There were a lot of souvenirs and a lot of wonderful home decors. There were also performers who provided the entertainment for the day. There were a lot to explore at the Spring Fest as participants had so much fun. The guests said that they definitely want to come back once again next year. The spring fest was held at the Niagara United Mennonite Church last Saturday, 7th of May 2011.

As the organizers promised, the event was even bigger than last year. The guests that came were even greater than what we expected and we are proud of delivering to them an amazing, pleasurable and a definitely entertaining event. This year, something different kicked off the event. The organizers introduced a native plant sale at the event. A lot of the guests were totally interested and didn’t miss the chance to check it out. Native plants of the area were tougher and these plants aren’t that hard to maintain, very convenient and easy to grow. The plants were beautiful, striking and gorgeous and a lot of the attendees bought their own pieces.

The event was open to all ages. Parents brought their children to a wonderful barbecue lunch and an awesome afternoon of live music and activities. Next year, the organizers will clearly be promising an even greater event and the guests that came in last May 7 will definitely be anticipating it. So join us again next time and celebrate the wonders of spring at the Mennonite Spring Fest.

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