Parents developed their child’s social skills at the Youth Event

Guests of all ages had so much fun at this year’s biggest kids’ program, the annual Youth Event. Those who have kids or relatives who are 10 years old or older had a lot of fun and excitement as they dropped by at this highly anticipated event. They definitely had fun with us. We prepared plenty of fun activities and games lined up for all the kids at the event. This year, we were not only promoting fun and games, but also great relationships among the youth, which helped develop their social skills and helped them make new friends. We had them socialize and have fun with many other kids who were present at the event.

All the parents were pleased since for only $5, they can have their child admitted at the Youth Event. On the 8th of April, their child definitely enjoyed his, or her, time with us and had fun with the others. We helped the children develop his or her social skills by helping them interact and relate with other children. There was a lot of activities in line which included games that require teamwork and communication, and even story sharing where the kids may relate to the stories and apply the moral lessons to their daily lives. The admission fee of $5 also included a slice of pizza and one drink for the snacks of the children.

There was a fun round skating from 4 in the afternoon until 5 in the afternoon and swimming activities from 7 until 8 in the evening as well as basketball games, jamming sessions, Wii games and so much more. The kids definitely had so much fun. This year’s event was held last April 8, 2011 from 2 in the afternoon onwards. The kids were at the Alder Street Recreation Centre and we took care of the rest at the Youth Event.



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