Parkwood Estate

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Location: 270 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, ON
Phone: (905) 433-4311

Parkwood is one of Canada’s finest and last remaining grand estates, featuring architectural, landscape and interior designs of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Once home to auto baron R. Samuel McLaughlin (founder of General Motors of Canada), Parkwood is praised by Canada’s Historic Site and Monuments Board as “a rare surviving example of the type of estate developed in Canada during the inter-war years, and is rarer still by its essentially intact condition, furnished and run to illustrate as it was lived within.”

Parkwood Estate has been featured in several movies such as the first X-men movie, Billy Madison and The Tuxedo.

Parkwood was the family home of the McLaughlins from 1917 until 1972. The majestic estate that was once a private enclave to be experienced by a select few is now a National Historic Site, open year-round to be enjoyed by all. The large property still retains its original essence as the private abode of a prominent Canadian family, reflecting not only the personal interests and tastes of its owner, but also five remarkable decades in history as Canada and the world embraced both the automobile and 20th century technology.

Parkwood EstateIn 1989, Parkwood was officially designated a National Historic Site and R.S. McLaughlin was named a person of significance to Canadian heritage by Parks Canada, the agency responsible for Canada’s program of historical commemoration. The dual designation of both Sam McLaughlin as an individual and Parkwood as a landmark make this site a rich and unique property and the source of tremendous pride in the community. To learn more about the historical and architectural reasons for Parkwood’s designation, click here. We also encourage you to learn more about Canada’s National Historic sites.

Step back in time and experience lifestyle of a Canadian auto baron during the interwar years. The art, architecture, gardens, landscaping and original furnishings are all faithfully preserved and are enlivened by the stories of the lives and accomplishments of a remarkable family, the McLaughlins.