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A popular former farmer and part-time mechanic finds a new vocation giving advice to people with problems. Complications arise when Cassandra, an urban psychotherapist sets up a private practice next door.

In the days of the small square bale, everybody was basically happy. Sure, we had no money and we worked like rented mules, but we were happy. A farmer couldn’t overproduce and drive down prices and go broke fast the way we do today. That’s because a man who tried to get his family to move more than ten thousand of those square bales in one season faced a mutiny. If a kid was ambitious he could toss bales for the neighbours all summer: first cut in June, second cut in July, third cut and the straw in August. It kept him out of trouble, built up his muscles and made him so relieved to get back to school he forgot to complain how dumb the teachers were.

And Dad, by the time he was 65, he was so sick of getting piled into the feeder by the cows on an icy day in March, he couldn’t wait to hand over the farm to the kids.

But then some clown went and invented the big round bale. Suddenly, you don’t need the family out in the hayfields. One guy on a tractor can twist up all of the hay from here to Hall’s Hill without getting chaff down the back of his neck once. So the kids have nothing to do all summer and they have to find jobs in town. They learn about video arcades, beer and crystal meth. Suddenly you’ve got a problem with vandalism and youth crime.

Even worse, the old guy doesn’t know when to quit. He puts a heated cab on the tractor and feeds those big round bales to his cows all winter without getting snow on his boots. He gets his hips and knees replaced so he can haul himself into the tractor and sit there like he’s in an office chair. And the kids get sick of waiting around for him to quit the farm. They go to the city and work for the bank selling junk bonds and derivatives or worse… they run for office. Instead of doing something useful, they’re networking and manipulating and profit-taking and sitting in outdoor cafés sipping their machiatto cappuccinos and talking about relationships and real estate…


Date :
September 19,20,21,26,27,28, 2019 at 7:30pm

September 22 & 29 at 2pm

Event location :
11 Gore St.E., Perth, ON

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Phone contact: 613-485-6434