Galley Grill & Beverage House

The Galley in Portland Big RideauThe Galley Grill & Beverage House (commonly known as ‘The Galley’) in Portland Ontario has undertaken some major changes this year. Not only have new owners, Tammy & Ken McCarthy, renovated the restaurant, they have also added some new features such as take-out, catering and boat-side delivery.

Even though, some improvements have been made, their fun and lively atmosphere, as well as friendly professional staff still remain the same. The Galley will always be the best restaurant to stop by when boating on the Rideau, or will always be worth the drive if you are not from Portland.

Enjoy a glass of wine or beer as you overlook the breathtaking view of the Big Rideau Lake. Relax with some friends and family while the tunes play in the background and make memories that will last a lifetime! Whether you’re docked at Len’s Cove, just travelling through, or live year round in the Portland neighbourhood, we hope you visit The Galley this summer for a bite and a bevy on their roof-top patio. Located at 11 Water St, Portland, Ontario at Lens Cove Marina.

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