National Youth Week’s theme – Youth is the center of growth and development

We all broke down all the barriers that obscure the youth to contribute to the society only at the much-awaited National Youth Week. The youth week had a lot of goals they wanted to achieve by the end of the event and we take great pride in saying that we have achieved a lot of those goals. The youth have become a lot more confident to take part and contribute in the society; the youth also learned a lot of things about leadership and management. The youth is an important component of the society and this is why the organizers were looking for ways to empower the youth and make them feel like they have a great role in the community.  The annual Youth Week was held during the 1st day of May right through the 7th at the Rideau Lakes. A lot of guests attended the event and they were not disappointed since they clearly had a whole lot of fun and amusement.

The youth is a major priority of the locals of the area as they can do a lot and the locals can see a lot of potential in them. The event also aimed to develop those potential and make it grow to something useful and helpful. All of those who attended were expecting something fun and exciting activities. And as mentioned, they were not disappointed. They got exactly what they were expecting, a fun, exciting and active week where they can socialize, meet new friends and create joyous memories.

This year, the youth week was a blast. Everyone had so much fun and was happy with the outcome of the event. The goals that were set were achieved. Next year, the organizers will soon be faced with the challenge of making it even better to attract more of the youth to come and join us for a week of fun and growth only at the National Youth Week.

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