Pitch-In Week in Rideau Lakes

It’s time once again for Pitch-In Week here in the Rideau Lakes Township, and this year’s annual clean-up event takes kicks off today, the 19th of April, until this Sunday on the 25th.

‘Pitch-In Week’ is part of the national campaign ‘Pitch-In Canada’, which sets aside one week during the springtime season where volunteers from the different communities all over the country come together to clean their surroundings.

The Township of Rideau Lakes is a recognized member of the Pitch-In Canada network, and is grateful to the community for keeping Rideau Lakes clean and green.

With the winter season finally over, the litter and garbage hidden by the snow now becomes a clear eyesore, giving Rideau Lakes’ residents more of a reason to get out and start cleaning. You can get your pitch-in bags for free at the Township’s office, post office, and local library. You can also call the office to list down your name as an official volunteer.

For the next 2 weeks, the township is requesting that you place your pitch-in bags, which are colored yellow, out on the curb together with your regular garbage during the scheduled collection days.

So what’re you waiting for? Get a yellow bag and start collecting trash for the community!

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