Rideau Lakes Mayor Points Out Local Government at a Disadvantage with Solar Farms

While thousands of homes are sure to benefit from the clean and green energy coming from the solar farms currently being built in the region, benefits for the affected municipalities look to be on the low side.

According to Mayor Ron Holman of Rideau Lakes, close to $400 million will be used for the seven solar projects in his municipality. This also includes the two huge solar farm facilities being constructed along Bay Road—both expected to cost at least $120 million.

While Holman wants local residents to benefit from the solar farms, he’s not so pleased with the tax payments the Township of Rideau Lakes will receive from the companies behind the projects.

He commented that he’s a supporter of the use of green and renewable energy, but is troubled with the project’s assessment from a municipal perspective. He made it clear that the assessment would not only affect the local government, but also all of the township’s residents.

A number of other mayors who have solar farm projects in their municipalities have also voiced similar concerns.

The matter is currently on its way to being discussed with the provincial government.

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