Thunder Bay Retailers Fighting Back in Black Friday

Local Thunder Bay businesses are now starting to take a stand for themselves against the dreaded Black Friday sale a day after the United State’s Thanksgiving celebration by holding their own Black Friday sale aimed to keep shoppers from crossing the border to look for unbeatable deals.

One of these businesses is our Power Centre, the electronics goods retailer which started adapting the practice a year ago. According to the retailer’s manager, their experience last is was quite overwhelming with all the people lining up to get 40, 50, and even 60% deals on the latest electronic merchandise they can get a hold of from the event. They were able to sell a lot of unopened plasma TVs, camcorders, blu ray players, and whatnot. With such an experience, they would be crazy not to be at the forefront of the same event this year.

This year, more businesses have jumped in on the fight including the Intercity Shopping Centre and the Ski Haus.

So, if you’re planning to make the cross border trip coming Black Friday just to shop in the US, you might as well support the local community and grab a great deal while at it by checking out the Black Friday sale on the businesses of Thunder Bay.

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