Thunder Bay Crime Fighting gets a Boost

As if the Thunder Bay Police’s forensic facilities were not enough to assist our brave men in uniform in their investigations, the department together with the OPP unit once again joined hands in celebrating the opening of the new Thunder Bay Forensic Identification Unit today.

The new forensic laboratory is housed in a 13,500 square foot building just next to where the Northwest OPP’s headquarters is physically located on James Street. Inside the massive facility is nothing but the latest equipments and technologies in crime fighting and investigation – just the kind of thing we normally see on the movies. This includes laboratories for chemicals and biohazard substances, a blood splatter facility, an advance fingerprinting unit, even heating and air-conditioning on the entire estate goes beyond the normal to protect the most important resource, the brave souls themselves that run the place.

The head of our Community Safety and Correctional Services graced the opening of such a landmark in our criminal investigation unit and he wisely noted that the newly opened facility has been built not for the crimes of today, but for the crimes of tomorrow if they become even more sophisticated. How’s that for being a step ahead Thunder Bay?

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