Ontario’s Greyhound Passenger Bus Services to be Reduced

Some disappointing news for Greyhound bus takers in Ontario – the company has announced its plan of reducing bus services for the next year.

The passenger bus company attributed this adjustment to its significant financial losses over the past year, something that’s heavily connected to the current economic crisis the whole country is facing. This along with some other factors has forced them to scale back on some of their services plying the area.

The announcement was made after a deadline set by the company to strike a funding deal with the province’s government expired, with the latter refusing to provide a subsidy to the company, due to their own financial constraints.

According to Nicole Lippa-Gasparro—a representative for the province’s Transportation Department—the local government is more than willing to lend a hand, but with the Ontario government’s $24.7-billion deficit brought about by the recession, subsidizing a private bus company is not as vital as other more pressing interests.

Greyhound Bus Lines is the only public transportation service in most of the province’s many remote areas. One of the factors that caused their decision was the growing trend of rural depopulation, leading to fewer passengers.

The company though, states that as soon as the economy improves, they will certainly review and do something about this development.

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