US Soccer Coach Holds Workshops in Thunder Bay

Good news for soccer fans in the Thunder Bay area – United States Soccer Federation coach Bobby Howe has been asked to come over to Thunder Bay to share his knowledge and experiences by holding sports workshops for young Lakehead Express Soccer Club players. The workshops are schedule to run from the 4th to the 6th of December.

Howe arrived from Seattle on Thursday, proceeding to hold the first workshop the next day. The session was open for beginners and experienced players aged 11 to 18 years old.

Asked on why he decided on holding workshops, the former soccer pro explained that he understands how young girls and boys want to belong to a group or clique, often resorting to gangs or whatnot when not under proper guidance. Teaching the sport is his way of giving back to society, not only imparting his knowledge as a coach, but also honing the life skills these kids need to succeed.

Howe was quite impressed with the kids he saw playing on the field when he observed them, complimenting their firm grasp of fundamentals which matched his club’s expectations.

John Rider, Lakehead Express’ coach, hopes that the workshops become an annual thing, with the goal of helping other teens and kids nourish an interest in the sport.

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