Shopping at Thunder Bay Local Stores Pays

Thunder Bay’s very own Justin Loesser, the PartSource delivery personnel happily won for himself $5,000 worth of shopping after spending almost $700 shopping on every single one of the shops that participated in the “Shop Local Thunder Bay” contest last Wednesday.

The very much welcomed surprised came to Loesser while he was at work. His attention was brought to his workplace’s frontline and little did he know he was up for the perfect surprise to complement his plans of getting married on January next year. He was then welcomed with balloons complete with greetings of congratulations for winning the shopping local contest.

Loesser never thought it would be possible for him to win the contest and he even kept telling himself that somebody has one it by now. Luckily, the stars have aligned for him and his fiance’, Natasha Chafe because out of 200 entries vying for the price, Loesser’s got picked.

This is the second year the contest has been run by Laura Alexander, the coordinator of the now yearly event that aims to bring in more locals to shop locally instead of having to cross the border or shop online.

With this contest, we all should follow Loesser’s good example of supporting our local businesses because it makes our city what it is today. Congratulations again and we know Loesser’s going to enjoy his shopping spree more than ever!

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