Children Will Surely Feel the Warmth of Christmas Thanks to Our Kids Count

No matter how small the effort may be, giving is caring regardless of age or status in life. For the youth and everyone else that has helped in the non-profit group, Our Kids Count, every Christmas is an opportunity to give back to the Thunder Bay community – specifically the kids – by gift giving.

For this year, the group is now ready and waiting for them to hand out 200 presents to the children of Thunder Bay who have taken advantage of the generosity of everyone who is behind the group. The members of Our Kids Count started gathering these presents last 29th of October and they are more than happy to know that they are now ready for the best part of the campaign, the handing out of the presents.

How did this group successfully gather this much gifts with more than enough time to talk about it? Ingenuity will have to be cited for sure because the group, with the help of St. Anthony’s Church and a group that call themselves “support moms”, made use of a Christmas tree where tags were placed for the children to put what they wanted for Christmas. And thankfully, more than enough residents of Thunder Bay supported by being able to give 200 gifts for this year’s campaign.

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