Santa’s Bus Has Arrived

For the past 15 years or so, when the holidays are just around the corner, Santa Claus comes to Thunder Bay and touches our lives (especially of those who are in need) in a bus. This way, he can gather as many presents as he otherwise can in his old school reindeer and sleigh ride. This is courtesy of a retired Thunder Bay Transit driver, Ron Wolframe Sr., who has started the “Santa Bus” tradition to collect donations for the food bank.

This time around, the Santa Bus needs even more donations as the demand for the food bank rises yet again. Fortunately for Santa, he now has a couple of extra pair of hands to help him do the job right with Rose Boucher stepping in to take the place of Mrs. Calus and Wolframe’s granddaughter, Ashlie, joined in to be an elf.

The Santa Bus kicked off last Wednesday with their familiar cheerfully decorated bus. The bus started off with a visit of the Pioneer Ridge home for the seniors where they were warmly welcomed by the children, seniors and staffs alike. Everyone happily donated food items and in return, they got for themselves a candy cane from the group.

When you get the chance to see the Santa Bus in your neighborhood, why not try and drop in something to share for our less fortunate?

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