Thunder Bay Police Steps Up for the Holidays

With all the activity the holidays is sure to bring to everyone on Thunder Bay, especially the holiday shopping and partying, the men and women in uniform from the Thunder Bay Police Service is stepping their presence up a notch to be able to do even more to the public.

In effect, we can all expect the presence of our servicemen and women patrolling the streets on their police cars and even on foot monitoring the busiest of shopping districts especially the south cores and the downtown north of Thunder Bay where everyone expects last minute shopping action to take place in huge numbers.

Officer Chris Adams, Thunder Bay Police Spokesperson, proudly stated that more devoted public servants from their department can be expected in parts of the city where all the holiday action is, naturally including the city’s busiest shopping centers and party establishments. This includes the Thunder Centre, the Intercity, and even on the two downtown cores of the city.

The Thunder Bay Police service has decided this is what’s best to keep everyone safe and sound during these busy days. Everyone will surely appreciate the department’s RIDE programs as well which has been taking residents home safely even before  the holidays.

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