What a Year for Tots for Toys

Regardless of the challenges brought about by the year 2009, the Tots for Toys campaign that the Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue department has been spearheading has had a shockingly generous year. How bountiful were the donations exactly for this year? $12,000 more than the previous year to be specific.

Everybody who witnessed the closing event for this year’s campaign at the Intercity Shopping Centre was ecstatic to know the figures. Even 4 year old Lucas Foekens knew the significance of the check he held on to in the event.

According to Bob Vander Ploeg, the chair from the firefighters committee on Toys for Tots, the outcome of this year’s campaign just goes to show that even more people have no intentions of letting down our underprivileged children on Christmas day itself. No sir.

Ploeg also added that he admits to being not surprised at how generous people can be regardless of the challenging year that 2009 has been especially for charities. With this in mind, he is asking others who still wanted to donate to Toys for Tots to donate to other charities instead because this year’s campaign has officially come to a close.

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