Thunder Bay to Expect Snowy Christmas

Thunder Bay residents are advised to prepare for more snow from this point until Christmas Eve as Environment Canada predicts more than the normal volume of snow to hit the city. How much more snow exactly? Around 20 centimetres according to the Environment Canada’s prediction.

This unusual amount of snow is mostly because of a winter storm that is currently hitting Northeastern Texas and is set to make its way to the Great Lakes. In fact, more snow has already been pouring along the Minnesota borders due to the storm. It will head to Thunder Bay by today.

Luckily, even though the weather could definitely be better, predictions from Environment Canada do not expect the snow fall volume to be enough to reach the warning standard of 15 cm within 12 hours. However, everyone should always be cautious especially if driving can not be avoided on the snow.

For the most part, we can all just make the best of our whiter Christmas this year by spending time with our love ones during this joyful holiday regardless of the weather condition brought about by this unwelcome storm.

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